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Interior PVA Primer/Sealer

A pigmented vinyl acrylic latex primer/sealer formulated to seal porous interior surfaces such as new drywall, plaster, masonry, block, brick, wood, and wallboard. Provides maximum enamel holdout for either flat or enamel or latex or alkyd topcoats. Especially recommended for unpainted drywall surfaces such as walls and ceilings, as it will not raise the nap (surface fibers) and prevents sheen variation in finish coats.

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- Professional Series Interior PVA Primer - Seals Surfaces of Wallboard and Drywall - Prevents Sheen Variation in Finish Coats - Reduces Flashing from Lacquer Overspray - Provides Maximum Enamel Holdout - Exceptional Durability Performance as a Primer - Mildew Resistant Formulation - Easy to Apply by Spray, Brush, or Roll Application - Fast Recoat Time - Environmentally Friendly; Low Odor - Non-Flammable; Non-Yellowing - Soap & Water Clean Up
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