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Primer and Sealer Paints

Whether you’re redoing your bedroom walls with a brush, completing projects as a painting contractor, or working in an industrial machine shop, our specialty paints succeed in any scenario. HIS Paint Company’s products provide lasting finishes on tough materials. We have an extremely versatile selection of primer and sealer paints available—from paints that protect high-traffic surfaces to varnished wood interiors. Find the exact substance you need for the surface you’re painting, whether it’s an alkyd enamel, acrylic latex primer, or vinyl coating. Our primer and sealer paints work well for brick, wood, plaster, drywall, concrete, swimming pools, metal, OEM parts, and more. We also have elastomeric primers and sealants for times you need to protect surfaces against water penetration. If you have any questions about whether or not a particular product is right for your application, shoot us an email, and we’ll be happy to provide our recommendations. We look forward to serving you


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  1. Stain-Blocker Primer/Sealer

    A fast-drying, high-build, pigmented alkyd primer/sealer developed to replace pigmented shellac sealers. Effectively seals off bleeding water stains, kitchen grease, crayon, ink, pencil, smoke, etc. on interior wood, gypsum board, plaster, walls and ceilings. This product makes an excellent high build under coater for use on interior wood trim surfaces and cabinets by drying quickly and sanding easily to a smooth finish.

  2. Elastomeric Roof Coating - White

    An elastomeric acrylic, pigmented, high solids coating designed to prolong the life of existing roof structures and protect against water penetration. Besides creating a vapor barrier, this heavy bodied elastomeric system provides excellent flexibility, durability, and long-term protection against water pooling and extreme temperature. The white finish reflects heat created from the sun and reduces both building structure temperature and interior cooling expenses. This coating contains waterborne emulsions of inert pigments in an acrylic binder. Contents are non-flammable and emit no hazardous vapors. Available in White.

  3. Elastomeric Masonry Wall Coating

    An elastomeric acrylic high-solids pigmented coating designed to protect vertical interior or exterior surfaces such as tilt-up concrete, concrete block, and masonry walls against water penetration. It provides a durable finish with the elongation and recovery properties necessary to bridge dimensionally unstable cracks without rupturing. This elastomeric wall coating delivers an excellent balance of both elongation and tensile strength over a wide range of temperatures. It bridges hairline cracks and creates a vapor barrier. This product is permeable to water vapor which controls moisture build up in walls. Unlike competitive products, it employs a chemistry that imparts excellent dirt pickup resistance that enables the coating to retain an attractive appearance with age. The flat high-performance finish visually softens surface irregularities for a uniform appearance. It meets Government Spec. TT-C-555B.

  4. Swimming Pool Paint

    A chlorinated vinyl toluene-acrylate low luster coating designed for use on unpainted or previously painted concrete swimming pools. Makes cleaning easier and facilitates inspection for cleanliness and maintenance needs. Will smooth the rough surfaces of concrete and reduce chances of abrasion and scratches to swimmers. Protects concrete surfaces that can slowly degrade from exposure to weather and water. Available in White & Light Blue.

    Starting at $50.00
  5. WB Traffic Marking Paint

    A waterborne acrylic zone marking paint designed for interior or exterior use in marking lanes or areas on concrete or asphalt surfaces. This product has a durable, abrasion resistant flat finish for marking highway, parking lot, or industrial road traffic lanes, curbs, crosswalks, warehouse storage areas, etc. Available in Red & White.

    Starting at $20.00
  6. Alkyd Zone Marking Paint

    A high solids alkyd zone marking paint designed for interior or exterior use for marking lanes or areas on concrete or asphalt surfaces. Excellent for marking highway, airport, parking lot, or industrial road traffic lanes. Created for those state, county, and municipalities that require lead chromate free pigments in their zone marking paint. Designed primarily for spray application in most types of line spray equipment. It’s extremely durable and fast drying finish will provide both safety and long service to traffic areas. Available in Yellow and White.

    Starting at $22.00
  7. Rust Inhibitive Alkyd Metal Primer

    A high performance, rust inhibitive, alkyd metal primer that provides excellent corrosion resistance, wetting ability, flexibility, and adhesion on clean and tightly adhering rust and mill scale in normal service environments. This product can be brush, roll, spray, or dip applied on either interior or exterior ferrous metal surfaces. Use with HIS 80 Series alkyd enamel topcoats. Not to be used as a universal primer/barrier coat underneath vinyl, epoxies, lacquers, or other strong solvent containing finishes. Dries tack free in about 3 to 4 hours.

    Starting at $26.00
  8. Dorothy Mae Chalk Paint

    Dorothy Mae Chalky Decorative Finish Paint is formulated for an ultra-matte finish. Dorothy Mae Paint provides excellent one-coat coverage on most surfaces and does not require priming or special surface preparation. It’s suitable for use on wood, metal, ceramic, glass, canvas and more.

    1 Quart 

    Actual colors may vary from on-screen representation. Confirm color choices with a physical color chip or painted sample.
    Starting at $15.00
  9. Anti-Slip Urethane

    A high-performance Non-Skid Urethane coating that’s designed for markets such as OEM that require extra skid protection from the elements. This product is generally used as an industrial paint finish on a variety of metal substrates where performance and dry time are essential factors. This single component, fast drying, product CONTAINS NO LEAD, CHROME OR OTHER HEAVY METAL COMPOUNDS.

    Starting at $33.00
  10. Gloss Alkyd Enamel

    A high performance, acrylic modified gloss alkyd enamel that forms a very durable, tough, high gloss finish to protect metal finishes from rust and corrosion. Acrylic modification makes this product perform much better than conventional alkyd enamels in the areas of durability, adhesion, color retention, flexibility, sag resistance, flow and leveling, and wet edge retention. 80 Series Gloss Alkyd Enamel has excellent resistance to mild chemical spills, fumes, oil and grease, and provides long lasting corrosion protection. It can be use on a variety of substrates including wood and ferrous metal surfaces. This extremely durable product is a single component coating.

    Starting at $29.00

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