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Commercial Painting Supplies

Once the paint, rollers, and trays are in place, it’s important to evaluate any secondary equipment needs your team may have. Painter’s tape, paper, and film are perfect for controlling and containing drips, overspray, and excess paint. We also offer specialty products such as full-face respirators and stucco tape, so you can tackle projects from any angle—whether interior or exterior. Many of our commercial painting supplies are available individually or by the case, which offers flexibility for larger operations. Browse our various brushes, scrapers, and roller covers to find the item just right for your commercial projects. Complete large color redesigns and detail-oriented finishing touches with our industrial-strength commercial painting supplies. Shop today!


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  1. Hyde Value 3" Stiff Scraper - FULL CASE

    • Economical scraper with ergonomic handle shaped for comfort. 3" stiff carbon steel blade hardened for durability.

  2. Ultra/Pro Firm Sable - FULL CASE

    - Professional paint brush
    - Classic firm formulation of purple nylon & sable polyester
    - Provides exceptional cut-in control
    - Great for all medium-bodies coatings like acrylic paints or latex enamel
    - Great for warm temperatures indoors or out
    - Stainless steel ferrule
    - Flat sash

    Starting at $88.25
  3. ScotchBlue Walls & Wood Tape

    • Ideal for walls & wood floors
    • Sharp lines on delicate surfaces
    • Pro Painter Grade

    Starting at $6.00
  4. Jumbo-Koter 4.5” Super/Fab, ½” Nap (2-Pack)

    • Offers exceptional capacity with all flat, eggshell or satin paints, stains, waterproofing
    • Golden yellow fabric, exclusively from Wooster, resists matting for complete coverage, smoother results
    • Open, 3/4” core makes cleaning easy and refills cost less
    • Use with any of the Jumbo-Koter cage frames

  5. Wooster 14" Jumbo-Koter Frame

    • Solvent-resistant plastic cage, extra-smooth rolling action
    • Chrome-plated 1/4” shank
    • Full-size polypropylene grip with reinforced threads, Sherlock GT® compatible
    • Works with both 4 1⁄2” and 6 1⁄2” Jumbo-Koter rollers

  6. Canvas Quick Drop

    5’ x 5’
    • Leak resistant canvas drop cloth
    • Thick absorbent canvas
    • Perfect size for touch up work

    6’ x 9’
    • Heavy Weight (8 oz)
    • Absorbs spills
    • For painting & cleaning
    • For wallpapering & removal, leaf collection & other jobs
    • Washable & reusable

    Starting at $9.50
  7. The Paint Man, My Life in Living Color [Hardcover] Joe T. Cox; David Edwards and Jeanette Sharp

    " The Paint Man" by Joe Cox, Founder of H-I-S Paint Mfg. Company in Oklahoma City. Joe shares his Christian Testimony, How he started H-I-S Paint and personal Life-Lessons. It's truth that sets us free. Choosing freedom takes courage, if we are to face life as it really is, in order to arrive at the life God has for us. I cannot gloss over my story, give you half-truths or comfort you with a fairy tale filled with just the high points, but which eliminates the lows. So here it is, the complete spectrum of me The darks, the lights, and every hue in between. I hope I've painted a complete and accurate portrait.

  8. 2" X 35yd Trex Duct Tape

    • Premium adhesive and high tensile construction
    • Made with UV resistant materials that block harsh UV rays from weakening the tape adhesive
    • Can be used indoor/outdoor on brick, concrete, shingles, painted and non-painted wood, and vinyl siding
    • Made with heavy-duty knit cloth for long-lasting repairs or applications
    • Durable waterproof backing keeps fixes secure from water and extreme temperatures
    • 1.88” x 35 Yards

  9. 2" X 55yd Red Stucco Duct Tape

    • UV Resistant
    • Ideal for Exterior Surfaces: Stucco, Concrete, Steel & Aluminum
    • Prevents Delamination
    • 14 Day Clean Removal
    • 1.88” x 60 Yards


Items 21-30 of 136

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